Child & Youth

SSJRTC is very proud of our young members. Young club members need not have their own Jack Russell–
we can always find available Jacks to play with them!

They may participate in any SSJRTC event but the classes listed below are designed especially for them.
Young club members are judged on their ability to present their dog and knowledge of the class in which they are competing.
Child’s age Jan 1 applies all year.

Child Handler Ages 5-9 Introductory experience handling and learning about JRTs
Youth Handler Conformation Ages 10-16
Youth Handler Go-to-Ground Ages 10-16
Youth Handler Agility Ages 10-16 On-lead
Youth Handler Ages 10-16 Off-lead
Youth Handler High Score Awarded to Highest scoring youth and runner up in select classes

Points are awarded as follows: 1st = 6 pts, 2nd = 4 pts, 3rd = 3 pts, 4th = 2 pts, participation = 1 pt. Please refer to applicable Trial Booklet for complete rules, class descriptions and requirements.

Get Started Now With Jack Russell Anatomy!

JRTatchalkboardTo help you get started, we’ve provided an anatomy worksheet: JRT Anatomy JPG or JRT Anatomy PDF (pdf file). See how you do!

And you can practice some JRT Q&A with the SSJRTC Youth Training Booklet — study up and join us at the next event!

2016 Child & Youth Handlers of the Year!

Congratulations Kaden Owens (Child) and Jacob Mason (Youth)!  You’ve done yourselves, your real family and your ‘dog family’ proud!

Congratulations to all and good luck this year!

Child Youth 2015 (2)

L to R:  Kaden & Jacob




SSJRTC sends a special ‘shout out’ Thank You to Andrew Hughes for providing autographed copies of his I, Jack Russell book as awards for this year’s Child & Youth Handler of the Year.   Mr. Hughes visited one of our Russell Mania trials while compiling material for his book.  Many of our club members and their Jack Russell Terriers are featured in the book.  Thank you very much Andy, for supporting our Youth!

If you don’t have your own copy of this great book yet, you can find it at many book retailers and online at sites such as And be sure to check out Andy’s blog and follow him on twitter at @ijackrussell!