Officers and Board of Directors

2016-2017 Elections were held during our Russell Mania event November 2015. For the Latest on Board Positions, See Elections page here.  2018-2019 Elections will be held during Russell Mania 2017.



Jackie Raes
Jackie-McLainI got involved with this crazy little dog about 16 years ago with my first, Cody. I had no idea what I was getting into when my sister in law gave him to me at 10 weeks old. Needless to say he was my baby and smart as a whip. Some people saw me in the drive through of the bank with Cody (going crazy over the tube from the sky that delivers dog cookies) when they told me about these “fun shows for the dog”. I went to my first fun show in West Palm Beach at the Posse grounds. I met a lot of people that day that were crazy about these little balls of fire. I put Cody in every event they would let me. (it was a lot cheaper then!) He had such a great time, as did I, that I had to have more. I got the JRT disease and had to get 3 more JRT’s. D’Keys JRT’s was born and have been playing ever since.

Although Cody is no longer with me to play, I still love watching my dogs have a great time at the shows.
I currently serve the SSJRTC as a board member. I have been involved with the club since it’s inception. I live in Morriston, FL with my 8 JRT’s. I have been on the Board since moving to north Florida 7 years ago. I have always worked very hard at our club trails to make sure they are run smoothly and all of the great folks I have met over the years have a good time. I have been very active in trying to keep Agility in our trials as most clubs don’t offer the event anymore due to lack of participation. My “old” girl has just retired from Agility with many Championship titles including 2 – 1st places at nationals in Rally.

I am glad to be able to give others the opportunity to move into a more demanding position with the board. I plan to be available whenever I am needed for this club and to help in any way I can. I wish to remain active with the club as a Director and will continue to help when and where I can.

Sandy Grimmel-Lackner
Vice President


Dianne Johnson

My Husband George and I bought our first Jack Russell Terrier named Rudy in 1999 in San Diego, CA where Rudy and I started our love of Flyball, which we did for 9 years, where he earned his Flyball Master title. Rudy was the most wonderful dog ever, he loved everyone and every dog he ever met. He was always happy with whatever you let him do. In 2008 he and I went to a Sunshine State Jack Russell Terrier Club trial.

Shortly after that we adopted our first Shorty Jackson. George decided he would go with us to see what the trials were all about, he loved the activities and the people so we bought a camper and continued to go to trials. Rudy passed away in 2012, leaving a hole in our hearts but we continued to go to trials with Jackson, he loved doing the earth dog.

In 2013 Redneck joined our family, he’s pretty laid back when at home but is an animal when it comes to all the hunting fun at the trials. He could run GTG all day long if he was allowed.

Daisy just came into our lives in December of 2018. She is just starting but we’re sure that she will love it just as much as Jackson and Redneck. George and I love coming to the trials, hanging out with great people doing what our dogs love most!! Thank you Sunshine State Jack Russell Terrier Club for giving us the opportunity to do what we all love!!


Evelyn Segner


Justin Caynor

CAYNORHello. My name is Justin Caynor. I got my first Jack Russell in June of 2003 and we spent our first 2 years together with her teaching me all about how much she loved to fetch the ball, ball, ball, chasing squirrels and going to dog parks, coming to work with me daily and spending most of her days playing fetch with all our employees, customers, delivery drivers, and pretty much any buddy that would throw, kick or nudge a ball out of the warehouse door into the field behind our warehouse for her!
I had read Jack Russell for Dummies and heard of terrier racing but was clueless on where to start or who to contact. By luck, a friend of came across an article in the Tampa Tribune or St Pete Times announcing terrier racing at the annual Little Everglades Steeplechase in Dade City. So she called me up and told me all about it. With delight and excitement I called the number as soon as we hug up and reached a very nice lady by the name of Pauline Fawkes.More…

Daphne Duvall


KarenMuthKaren Muth

I can’t believe I’m a “mom” of a veteran– I don’t feel that old! I met my Matty at five days old and I was in love. I took her home at eight weeks and I was leaving my breeders (Sharon and Mike Roberts, now in Colorado) asked if I was going to race her. I had no clue what they were talking about. Matty “ran” in her race at six months– she ran the wrong way! Luckily she is a quick study and races with all her heart in every race. She might not be the fastest, but she enjoys herself at every event. Seven years later she is going strong.
We added to our Jack family two years ago… Alligator Jack’s Jonty. She is quite fast, but has an aversion to the “hole”. I call her my ADHD girl. She is so sweet, but in her own little world. Luckily she likes the lure, just ask Don (my two are the noisiest).

I enjoy all my time with the SSJRTC. Even though I’ve been a member for years I’m still learning and willing to learn more. I will try to help the club in any capacity I can.


Lisa McKinney                                                                                                                                        



Emily Sherfey  emily


When I asked Lori Jones what I should write about, she grinned, “Basically, when did you lose your marbles?”  So… my marbles started tumbling out when I drove up to Williston one November morning to find out what a terrier trial was, and if my new rescue Rudie Kazudie would be interested in what went on.  Wow!  It was the most exciting and fun experience I had ever shared with a dog!  Everyone was so welcoming, friendly, and informative.  That afternoon after racing, Melanie Starr introduced Rudie to the thunder tunnel, and a red ribbon later, we couldn’t wait ‘til the Sunshine Showdown!

The SSJRTC is special to me.  Not only does it give our “Jacks” an opportunity to have fun, it also helps to build the relationship between owner and dog.  Just as important, there is a camaraderie and sense of family based on a love for the dogs and a willingness to do what each can in order to make our terrier trials successful on every level.  Last fall I volunteered to help call the races, and hope to continue to do so.  It can be fast-paced at times, and I’m still learning, but I enjoy it immensely.

I have watched this club grow and change.  Now I’d like to take my turn and become a part of the leadership.  We each have a responsibility to see that the SSJRTC remains a strong organization respected by its fellow JRTCA affiliates; a club which supports its members, and is attractive to prospective newcomers.


Debbie Smith

I am Debbie Smith. My husband Todd and I have been active members of SSJRTC since 2009. We have 2 JRTs, Sidney and Freckles(Sid’s Mama). They enjoy participating in most all events and we enjoy watching them.They are “our world”. Our vacations, etc are planned around them.

You may have seen Todd running the racing box and helping set up. I am usually the one “babysitting” the pups. I am retired now and would like to offer my services on the board. I will gladly help behind the scenes as well as hands on before, during and after events.

We got our first JRT named Mason in 1994, we then got his half  brother Pete in 1995. We had almost 17 wonderful years with Pete. Petie was a special guy, he had a personality like no other dog I’d ever had. It’s his “fault” that we fell in love with JRTs. I am sure Sid and Freckles won’t be our last JRTs either. Every one of them have their funny, quirky personalities. I have had many other breeds of dogs, but none as much fun or as loyal as JRTs…I’m hooked!




Donna Tucker



Patti Storms – JRTCA Florida State Representative                           Storms

Patti has been involved with Jack Russells for over 35 years.  Her first little “puddin” Jack Russell was from the kennel of the Founder of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America Ailsa Crawford.  Since then she has had several rescues and just in the last 4 years began competing with her first “show dog” Northgate Harrison.  Now with a second little girl dog as well as a rescue, Patti attends as many trials as she can, competing in racing, conformation, Go to Ground and Super Earth.  It’s hard to tell who has more fun-Patti or the dogs!  When not competing Patti and her three JRT’s are always out walking, learning new dog activities such as dock diving and hunting when possible.