Club Leadership

Officers  Directors

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Officers Term Ends Committees
President Jackie Raes 229~834~9257 12/31/17 Communications, Entries, Trial, Agility, Registration, Sites
Vice President Justin Caynor 813~855~0808 12/31/18 Non-sanctioned Events, Racing, Sites, Equipment
Secretary Evelyn Segner 941~374~0622 12/31/18 Registration, Membership, Elections
Treasurer Dianna Johnson 904~349~1965 12/31/17 Elections, Registration
OPEN 12/31/17
Other Sanctioned Events, Elections, Prizes
Daphne Duvall 863~ 604~0403 12/31/18 Judges, Conformation, Youth, Prizes
Karen Muth 941~923~4181 12/31/17 Ribbons, Non-sanctioned Events, Raffle
Donna Tucker 386~454~1300 12/31/18
Emily Sherfey 941~286~5993 12/31/17 Membership
Lisa McKinney 354~465~0530 12/31/18 Equipment, Racing, Membership, Sites, Other Sanctioned Events
Debbie Smith 352~455~3821 12/31/17 Merchandise, Non-sanctioned Events, Prizes
JRTCA Florida Rep State representative with the JRTCA